These are the people that we have trusted to help cultivate community and facilitate a safe space for anyone to share their experiences and grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. We invite you to get connected and join one of the groups below.


Why the Cross? Genesis to Revelation

A study looking at God’s plan, heart and character which never changed from Genesis to Revelation. We will see God’s way in Genesis and see God’s way in the New Testament and see God’s way through the cross in our everyday life. Fellowship, food and fun!

Facilitators: Darren & Dianna Leavitt

Open to anyone, no child care
but children welcome.


Letters to the Church: Frances Chan

Join us as we read and discuss Letters to the Church and share a casual meal together in the comfort of our home. Kids are welcome!

Facilitators: Kevin & Shannon Brown

Open to anyone, Childcare provided.


A Guide to Theology in Plain Language

actA guide to help people better understand different aspects of theology. We will see our understanding of scripture and theology deepen through speaking in terms we can all understand.

Facilitators: Bryon & Debby Boley

Potluck lunch. Open to anyone, no childcare.


Mere Christianity

This study explores some of the basics of what it means to live as a Christian and to grow as a community together in our walk using the book “Mere Christianity.”

Facilitator: Trevor Loftus

Intended for young adults, no childcare


The Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5-7

Studying a portion of Scripture that zeroes in on Discipleship. The only book you’ll need is a Bible as we dig deeply into the message of that sermon. We’ll also allow plenty of time for prayer, fellowship, and mutual ministry.

Facilitator: Lee Dean

No childcare.


Dust of the Rabbi: Ryan VanderLaan

This video series brings God’s word to life with astounding relevance by weaving together the Bible’s fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts. Study, fellowship, and service are all part of this small group.

Facilitators: Bill & Wendy VanOosterum

Open to anyone, no childcare


Love Does & Everybody Always

This study is using two books written by Bob Goff. Bob is an energetic and excited person who spends his life finding ways to love people. We will explore the motivation behind, ways to, and benefits of loving people.

Facilitator: Rick George

Open to anyone, childcare provided.


Sacred Pathways

“Sacred Pathways” profiles nine spiritual temperaments from their characteristics to their strengths and weaknesses, explaining why some people demonstrate worship trough differing expressions. Join us as we dive deeper into these temperaments and perhaps discover our own.

Facilitators: Dustin & Sarah Duffey

Open to anyone, childcare provided


Are We There Yet?

A study of the letters to the seven churches as Jesus dictated them to John in Revelation 2-3. This is a video driven study by Dr. David Jeremiah.

Facilitator: Connie Koubaitary

No childcare.

To Register for this Bible Study, please contact the church office at 269.353.7021