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31% of people who leave the church express that a personal relationship aspect was missing for them at their church. At Lighthouse Community Church we are not ok with that statistic. That is why we go out of our way to ensure that there are a number of opportunities for people of all ages to build relationships with others in our church. Let us help you get connected with the right people.




Is youth group a distant memory by this point? Well, there are a lot of other fun people around to have a lot of fun with. Join them in small groups, prayer groups and many other kinds of groups. Grow closer with other adults and more importantly, grow deeper in your faith. We offer a good number of opportunities where child care is provided or children are welcome.




In 7th to 12th grade, and just want to be part of the cool crowd? We were all there once. There is a shift in culture happening. People who are real with each other and pursue the kind of person they want to be are looked up to and respected more than ever. Let’s pursue Christ and what He has called you to, together.




One of the best ways to get connected is to serve along side others in a ministry. We are called to not be mere observers and consumers of our church culture, but we are called to engage and give back our talents to God. Partner with us as we work to impact our community for Christ.


Other Events


There are always a bunch of things happening at Lighthouse. Find out what is coming up next that you might want to attend or be a part of.